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Sometimes I’ll say to myself internally, “I’m thirsty.” It follows that I drop what I’m doing, walk to the faucet and pour myself a glass of tap water. This is a logical set of steps that is quite satisfying, even necessary to my survival, but sometimes I’ll hit a snag. Once in a while I’ll find myself walking down the steps, and maybe my mind is somewhere else, but by the time I get to the kitchen I’ve totally forgotten why I walked there in the first place.

Sometimes I’ll play it off like I didn’t and end up grabbing something else- say a plate- and only once I go through all that trouble, I realize “Oh! I’m thirsty!”

How much of my life have I missed just because I wasn’t paying attention to myself?

It doesn’t have to be absent-mindedness, and it doesn’t have to be internal.

If I could see the amount of time I’ve wasted procrastinating or complaining, I’d probably have no way to justify that to myself.

Take this with a grain of salt, though. There’s plenty of time for reminiscing, just make sure not to make too much. That’s also not to say that thinking is a bad thing, just make sure you’re only thinking when you think. Try to cut down on procrastinating and complaining, though, I can’t think of many situations where they do much good.

We’re all barreling forward into the future, no matter what twists and turns our minds are making.

In that way, we are both pilot and passenger.

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