Complementary cooperation,

is part and parcel,

with survival

in this world.

There is space for you here

with me,

even if we look different from each other,

and come from separate 

walks of life.

In times of strife,

Keep me company,

And give me cover,

So I can give unto you,

The bounty the Sun provides,

With no expectation

Of reciprocation.

From our closeness,

Comes sacred symbiosis,

So that,

In sum,

We are more

Than one another.

Brood Parasites


The tools of the trade:

Cryptic plumage,

Hawkish mannerisms,

And a steady supply,

Of child soldiers.

The cuckoo lies in wait,

Standing stealthily,

Avoiding strife,

With her victim’s eventual lapse,

She strikes.

Though they care not for their neighbors,

They do have a knack,

For finding babysitters,

Despite their reputation,

As impolite guests.

The screaming chick,

Sounds like the clutch,

Of hungry children,

It jettisoned.

On the other hand,

In the other hemisphere,

The cowbird makes little effort,

To make its egg inconspicuous,

Instead it relies on mob mentality.

The mom pays a visit,

To her nest of choice,

Which will be destroyed,

At the first sign of resistance,

To their alimony.

If there’s any acrimony,

It isn’t apparent,

As the often very different parent,

Raises the imposter.



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Migration Patterns


Seven mallard ducks flew in the familiar v-shaped formation they take when coming from or going to far-off places.

The land they cast shadows on grew more and more sparse the further they traversed.

“What a spring this has been,” the Second Lieutenant said with pride, he was sick that day.

The group was well-fed and riding high.

“I know,” piped the First Lieutenant enthusiastically, “I even got some french fries!”

At the apex of the V,  the Colonel glanced at the Lieutenant Colonel incredulously.

“Love those things,” said the Captain.

“Guys, watch yourself out here,” sounded the Lieutenant Colonel.

“Yeah, humans were handing out bread like it was going out of fashion,” said the omega male, no one acknowledged him.

The leader stayed silent.

“We had the park all to ourselves! It was a great spring,” said the Major

There was a whooshing sound, then a smack.

The captain looked behind him, shed contour feathers twirled in the vortex of displaced air.

“Well,” the Colonel said, “seems like our idle chit-chat got our Second Lieutenant eaten by a peregrine falcon,” he said in monotone, “let’s try to keep our mouths shut for a little while, huh?”

Adenosine Triphosphate


In trying times,

Deep down inside,

You will find,

You are strengthened by division.

To rouse the energy,

To walk to the kitchen,

You must burn some molecular bridges.

Not to worry,

It will not be painful,

The connections themselves,

Are unstable.

Throw the planks,

Into the churning,

Eternally burning,

Internal furnace.

Now you can take action,

Or perform mundane tasks,

Whichever comes first.

Maple Syrup


The fork and knife,

Rest comfortably,

Side by side

On the table.

Holding the plate,

Up to my face,

I lapped away,

The last remnants,

Of breakfast.

Bits of pancake,

And scrambled eggs,

Encased in sweet amber,

Like a less depressing,

La Brea Tar Pit.

Color me an opportunist,

It would be in poor taste,

To let good food,


Royal Jelly


An odd, viscous concoction,

Consisting mostly of water,

Amino acids,



And other nutrients,

Served up,


In a queen cup.

One protein,


Gives aspiring queen’s,

Political careers,


They feast,

Learn etiquette,


And leave,

To settle-down,

Fill power vacuums,

And form factions.



The mushroom,

As it is known,

Is the tip of the fungal iceberg,

So to speak.

Beneath the fruiting body,

In the crux,

Is an interconnected,

Root and chute structure,

That undergirds,

The organism.

An unseen web,

Of white matter,

That provides a foundation.

A loose, scattered scaffold,

That aids the fungus in digestion.

In a superficially cerebral way,

Think of it like this:

The white matter,

In your brain,

Is a network,

Of axons,

That allows you to understand,

Various axioms,

And maxims,

And act on them.

You may not be aware of it,

Or scarcely know of such a thing,

But it’s presence is felt,





stuck to the side

of a hydrothermal vent


with black smoke,


or encased,

in ancient salt crystals,


Processing cyanide

or sulfur

to grow,

then split.


where it’s corrosive,

with high temperatures,


intense pressure,

dissolved metals,


or chemicals.


in massive, arid, vacuous deserts,

the bottom of the arctic,

or gaps inside boulders,

or the vacuum of space.

Extremes are not insurmountable

just because they are not conducive

to life.

It’s full of proverbial surprises

after all.


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Zygomatic Arches



Carefully crafted,

To cause ruptures.

Bite down,

Break through,

Crumbling, crunching, crumpling,

Splitting in two.

Anchors for muscles,

Housings for engines,

Ivory tunnels,

Which flank,

The body’s front door.

Leave room for more!




You are what you eat.


That matter becomes you.

That saying is true,

You eat,

So you can continue,

To chew.