You’d be Surprised


At the open-air bazaar of ideas hangs

A smog of apocrypha,

So thick,

You could bottle it,

For any one eager and gullible enough,

To buy.

Yet filtering the miasma,

Of misinformation,

For its kernels of truth,

Shows how easy it is,

For certainty to be crowded-out

by lies.

It covers your face,

With thick soot,

The smell lingers

And stains your clothes-

The gasses

will burn your eyes.

But just because the truth is scarce,

Does not mean it’s not worth the trouble,

Of uncovering-

Keep your hazmat suit handy,

And your goggles on.

Prospecting is a hard days work,

For little pay,

But, nevertheless,

You will find it enriching

If you see it through.

Royal Jelly


An odd, viscous concoction,

Consisting mostly of water,

Amino acids,



And other nutrients,

Served up,


In a queen cup.

One protein,


Gives aspiring queen’s,

Political careers,


They feast,

Learn etiquette,


And leave,

To settle-down,

Fill power vacuums,

And form factions.