Even bones as good as mine

creak with strong gusts at times —

Really it’s nothing to worry about,

the engineers said so.

I don’t know

when I’ll find the time

to pick up all the pieces.

I’ve never met a deadline

I was unwilling to push back —

it takes quite a while

to build something

meant to last.

But I’m here for you,

and I will not rest until

we can both stand

firmly on the foundation.

When you’re aching or ailing

or when the structure is failing

or you need to reinvent yourself,

or you’re still getting your bearings

I’ll keep you steady all the way.

Only when my purpose is served,

Will I walk away.

The Life of a Write-Off


The ceiling,

Had an impromptu,


And fluffy, pink,

Fiberglass tufts,

Showed through,

Holes in the drywall.

The driveway had huge crevices,

From the refreezing,


That come and go,

With each Winter.

A flexing frame,

Made vascular,

By tunneling termites,

And shifts,

Caused by cracks,

In the foundation.

The whole thing,

Collapsed eventually,

Without warning,

When no one was looking.


Can drag on,

For years at a time,

Then destruction,


In an instant.