Watch closely,

as I fall apart at the seams.

Every crease

giving way,

every fiber of my being


For now

I am the dust at your feet,

the gust of wind

that tosses your hair,

the sunlight

on your shoulders —

I am boundless,

the open sky,

the ether.

A crash of lightning

announcing itself one moment,

and gone without a trace

the next.

Listen carefully,

the thunder tells all,

from a roar to a murmur

the sky shutters,

the air reverberates.

Like the rainclouds,

I wander in circles,

I’ll change my shape

and return another day.


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Today we will begin at the end,

Since it’s always just around the bend,

As a general trend.

I deal not in absolutes,

Color me an opportunist,

As I bask,

In the branches,

And wear whichever skin,

Suits me.

The serpent knew the truth,

Long before those other two,

Ate their fruit.

For better or worse,

You owe your state of mind,

To me.