DECLASSIFIED: I Hope you Find What You’re Looking for


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Ever cloud-watched at night?

It sounds paradoxical, but if there’s enough light pollution in your corner of the world, the clouds stand out even in the night sky.

And it’s disappointing sometimes that you’re able to do that; wouldn’t you rather see the stars?

But just because you’ve been dealt a hand that you’re unhappy with doesn’t make the clouds any less spectacular than they are in the daytime.

Thousands of tons of water are floating miles in the sky, never in quite the same shape or location as their counterparts.

Stars, on the other hand, will always be there. Most are probably dead anyway, so far away that the light we see from them is essentially showing us how they looked billions of years ago. They aren’t going anywhere in the grand scheme of things.

Perspective is what matters, insofar as that it’s under your jurisdiction.

The sky, however, is out of your grasp.

I Hope You Find What You’re Looking for


The aperture

of a telescope

cannot get


but it can be scratched,

through carelessness,

or callousness.

When you don’t need it,

it collapses

like a bashful brass,


The mount

will need to be screwed on,



and tightened.

The eyepiece

will fatigue

if you strain,

but that’s only if

you spend too much time searching

and not enough time


There’s no rewinding,

If you missed Saturn’s rings

because you blinked,

or a lunar eclipse,

because you happened to drift.

So whatever it is you’re looking for

I hope you find it,

because it comes down to timing sometimes,

even with the right tools,

even when you know what you’re looking for,

even when you think you’ve found it.