Leash Laws


A savage wolf’s power,

Is rendered meaningless,

By a retractable red chord,

In the same way,

That a yellow Labrador’s,

Truck-chasing antics,

Are cut short,

By a stiff jerk,

A wag of the finger,

And a stern “no.”

Strength is nothing,

Without a capacity,

For restraint.

Without it,

Barks and bites,

Grow tenfold,

Get old,

And lose effect entirely.

Fight or Flight


I’m the fly in the hall,

By the wall,


Like a dandelion’s seed on a gentle breeze,

Flailing like a cat’s tail,


For solid ground where my feet lay,

Somewhere to stay, to pray

Before I’m taken by a wailing gale,

Like a failing sail sounding an ailing wail,

A fervent, furious, futile flap.


So it goes,

Going where the wind blows,

Not the direction I chose, I suppose;

I’m on my toes in my throes,

I don’t slow in the flow,

Where I’m going doesn’t matter,

Like the guys on the other side, and their chatter,

If I ride the storm, I’ll find a swarm,

Somewhere warm,

I’m sure.