Here and Now


When you pass time, and things have passed you by-

You hesitate to say that “time flies.”

When you look up, it’s the same sky,

Then one moment it’s February, the next it’s July,

Then summer’s almost over,

Then the leaves have died.

Sit when you sit, run when you run,

Think not of snow when you stand in the sun,

Think not of sharks when you swim in the ocean,

When you’ve built up speed, don’t switch to slow-motion.

The world whirls at its own pace, and does not mask this,

In this we are hapless,

Like it or not, it spins on its axis,

And you are not Atlas.

Make the best of this game of chess,

It takes finesse not to obsess,

It makes a mess to regress-

When you’ve compressed your experience, you end up with less.

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