Hastiness will not reward you,

consider me

a long-term


It’s out of your hands.

Watch for the clues —

I can attest,

slowly but surely

a transformation will take place

under your nose.

Time molds the novice

into the master,

the bud into the rose —

we have it in spades,

yet rarely do we spare it

and often we wish

things would simply move along,

what a waste.

I will teach you

to allow this,

my ways are stark,

yet instructive —

I am a hot stove.

If you partake before I am ready,

you will find little to smile about.

Wash your mouth out,

and wait patiently.

Get on with your life,

return to me

with more perspective,

I’ll make it worth your while.

Wading For It


Beware of any oasis,

because nowhere in this world of oddities,

will you cross the same river twice.

Try, try, try, as you might,

leaning into the current,

cannot bring you to the past-

grasping for the rain drops,

will not help you

stand steady and weather a storm.

No matter how torn,

you may feel,

there are times you must leave it all behind,

you’ll know it when you see it.

But so be it,

and fear not,

you never have to leave green pastures,

if you can bring them with you,

in tempests and torrents,

deserts, meadows, canyons, summits.

So long as you’re still going,

you are always exactly

where you need to be.

If you’re a fish out of water,

I really hope you’re a mudskipper.



Soothing clover,

Smoothing over,

Lingering soreness.

Warm tea,

Is all your senses

take in.

You can’t find it in you to panic,

About the day,

Anxieties melt away,

Nothing left to say,

Just watching the morning.

Sometimes meditation 

Is part of your routine–

Sometimes you do it 

as soon as you 


Sometimes you do it,

In the middle

Of an intense run.

Sometimes you do it

while you eat

your morning oatmeal.

Just being there

For right now

Is all the relief

you need.



View the original poem here.

Sometimes I’ll say to myself internally, “I’m thirsty.” It follows that I drop what I’m doing, walk to the faucet and pour myself a glass of tap water. This is a logical set of steps that is quite satisfying, even necessary to my survival, but sometimes I’ll hit a snag. Once in a while I’ll find myself walking down the steps, and maybe my mind is somewhere else, but by the time I get to the kitchen I’ve totally forgotten why I walked there in the first place.

Sometimes I’ll play it off like I didn’t and end up grabbing something else- say a plate- and only once I go through all that trouble, I realize “Oh! I’m thirsty!”

How much of my life have I missed just because I wasn’t paying attention to myself?

It doesn’t have to be absent-mindedness, and it doesn’t have to be internal.

If I could see the amount of time I’ve wasted procrastinating or complaining, I’d probably have no way to justify that to myself.

Take this with a grain of salt, though. There’s plenty of time for reminiscing, just make sure not to make too much. That’s also not to say that thinking is a bad thing, just make sure you’re only thinking when you think. Try to cut down on procrastinating and complaining, though, I can’t think of many situations where they do much good.

We’re all barreling forward into the future, no matter what twists and turns our minds are making.

In that way, we are both pilot and passenger.

Here and Now


When you pass time, and things have passed you by-

You hesitate to say that “time flies.”

When you look up, it’s the same sky,

then one moment it’s February, the next it’s July,

then summer’s almost over,

then the leaves have died.

Sit when you sit, run when you run,

Think not of snow when standing in the sun,

fear no sharks when you swim in the ocean,

and don’t hit the brakes if you’re looking for momentum.

The world whirls at its own pace, and does not mask this,

in this we are hapless.

Like it or not, it spins on its axis,

and you are not Atlas.

Make the best of this game of chess,

It takes finesse not to obsess,

It makes a mess to regress-

When you compress your experience,

you end up with less.