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“It’s the little things in life…” is one of the most wonderful clichés I’ve ever taken for granted. We populate a universe so incomprehensibly huge that even some Earth-shattering event is actually quite tiny in comparison to the immense cauldron of empty space we’re all slowly spiraling through.

Suffice it to say all the little things that populate our lives are, as it were, tiny even in comparison to us!

Still, as that time-tested adage says, ignore them at your own peril.

We as people are not separate, distinct entities from the universe.

Take your phone for instance.

It isn’t one object, it’s a bunch of tiny parts all working as one synchronous whole, all designed and manufactured by different companies, all incorporating parts sourced from all over the world.

This was assembled by a stranger in a foreign land thousands of miles away, and was shipped to you on a huge barge. You bought it with your own paper money and can use it to talk to your friends, all with different yet compatible devices with roughly analogous procedures used to make them.

Leave no stone unturned when looking for amazing things, only then are you bound to bump into them.